When Karey and I were dating, we discussed what kind of family we envisioned having. Although we assumed biological children would come, we both also wanted adopted children to be part of our lives’ stories. Time passed and we got married and learned how to live life together. Then one day we realized that if we wanted to be parents, we needed to get on the ball. Marrying later in life, we were not surprised that the biological kids didn’t arrive but we still wanted those adopted kidos.

With that in in our minds and our hearts, at the beginning of 2019, we began meeting with adoption professional for learn how the adoption system works. It has been overwhelming in so many different ways. The costs are high. There are so many children and birth-mothers in need. But also, so many of our friends have blessed us in so many ways as they help us move towards our goal of becoming a family of three.

I (Nathan) have been trying to get Karey to start a blog for years because I felt it would be a great outlet for her and I believe the world could benefit from more of her words being out in the World. However, she demurred… until recently. The overwhelming realities described above have created in us a need to share more broadly.

So, here were are. We’ll be posting adoption updates and information that we learn. Overtime, I imagine other topics may appear as well. In the mean time… We’re both new at this so be patient with us as we settle into it.

Thanks for your time,
Nathan Allen